The beginning

Bobo started 45 years ago as a magazine aimed at children aged from three to seven years old. Over the years the magazine has been published in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, South Africa and Indonesia.

Launch of TV series

In 2011, a new TV series was launched in The Netherlands and Belgium and it has been a remarkable success. Children, parents and teachers instantly took Bobo to their hearts, as did our commercial (licensed) partners.

Cross-media edutainment

Today, Bobo has turned into an innovative and popular cross-media edutainment concept. The brand is being developed successfully through a combination of events, theater, websites, apps, games, books, toys, fashion, food, tourism and personal care products.

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In a very entertaining and playful way – with lots of visual jokes, running gags and catchphrases – the television series addresses universal issues and values such as friendship, joy, sadness, jealousy, disappointment, togetherness, and fun.


Bobo TV tells the story of a curious and adventurous blue rabbit, who lives with his sister and mother in a colourful treehouse. Every day, Bobo stumbles into all kinds of unexpected and funny situations. He loves challenging his best friend Tjerk (“Let’s go out and spy on….”) or teasing his sister Krabbel. One of Bobo’s favourite pastimes is annoying his grumpy old neighbour on the other side of the hedge, who is always complaining about the noise Bobo and his friends make.

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The first magazine was published 45 years ago and Bobo has since turned into an innovative and popular cross-media edutainment concept with a spontanous brand awareness of 80% (independent source: IPM Kidwise, June 2012).

Content & rights available:

  • TV series: 40 episodes of 5 minutes each, produced by Studio 100 and broadcast by
    RTL Television
    in The Netherlands and VtmKazoom in Belgium.
  • Music: CD’s and DVD’s (songs, music clips and karaoke).
  • Website:
    attracts 35% of target group every month and is easily adapted to any language.
  • Interactive learning world: a safe website with educational games for use on computer, tablet, and digital school boards. More info:
  • Real life shows and Theater productions:scripts, costumes and production bibles available.
  • Print database: articles, artwork, puzzles, games and other material that can be used to produce new Bobo products (books, magazines, specials etc.).
  • Magazine: 13 issues annually.
    Number 1 children's magazine age group 3-7
  • Apps: Bobo App is the best sold kids' edutainment app in the Netherlands and Belgium. New apps in production.
  • Merchandise: stationery, pluche, toys, games etc.
  • Licences: food, fashion, personal care, etc.

Do you share Bobo’s core values: fun, play, adventure and learning? Please contact us. You can also view or download our folder.

Blink Publishers

The Brand and Character Bobo are owned by Blink Publishers. Blink Publishers is a young educational publisher, specialized in crossmedia edutainment concepts. Blink was founded in 2009. Blink has obtained the number 2 position in the Dutch market of children’s crossmedia concepts.

Blink Publishers
Koningsweg 66
5212 BN 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 73 85 00 020

Bobo TV series is produced by Studio 100
Studio 100, founded in 1996, is the largest provider of Family and Children entertainment in the Benelux. It’s TV shows target boys and girls from 0 to 12 years old and are broadcasted on the leading national public (VRT & TROS) and commercial networks (VTM, RTL & Nickelodeon Benelux).